Upgrade Your Applications

Is your company among several companies using obsolete and non-productive Business Applications?


Blumaes will help define and implement innovative solutions, turn around non-performing systems and migrate programs with old languages or obsolete platforms to fresh, sustainable solutions.
At Blumaes, we strongly beleive a company facing significant business challenges and struggling to meet its financial targets, that a new approach to IT management would be a key component of a comprehensive plan to place the company back on a path to high performance.
The right software is crucial to your business success, but developing it is a job for specialists: Blumaes has the solution so that you face your core business squarely.
Blumaes will help your organizations deliver high performance through design, build and run engagements. We offer multi-tower solutions tailored to your needs, innovative frameworks and tools plus a global network of delivery. We can deliver the following business benefits:
• Timely speed to value
• Increased productivity
• Improved predictability
• Reduced costs
• Minimized risk
• Clear measures of success.
Outsource your application management functions to a trusted third party like us. The resulting agreement would definitely marked the most significant IT application outsourcing arrangement.


Shoola Adewale

Art Director

Shoola Adewale

Senior Application Engineer (SAE)

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